DREU Student and Mentor Applications
DREU was known as DMP prior to 2009

DREU Student Application for Summer 2017 Now Open!
DREU Mentor Application for Summer 2017 Now Open!

Program Logistics

Students and faculty mentors apply separately to the program. A committee will evaluate the applications and will select students for funding. The actual number of students selected will depend on available funding. Students do not need to identify potential mentors in their application, but may do so if they have a particular wish to work with a specific professor. Also, students will usually not be paired with professors at their home instutition since one of the features of the program is that it gives students exposure to a new environment. Students will have an opportunity to indicate if they have a preference regarding the gender and/or the ethnicity of their mentor. Notification of matches will be made in March 2015.

Funding for the student consists of $700 per week for research, plus relocation travel assistance of up to $500 when appropriate. A student's funding is intended to cover 10 weeks of research in the summer of 2015, but alternative arrangements are possible. Additional funds may be available to support student travel related to their DREU experience, e.g., to a technical conference, either during the research internship or afterwards. During the research internship, students will author a webpage documenting their DREU experience; it will be housed permanently on the DREU website, so future DREU participants can learn about the program.

Selection Criteria for Students

Applicants should be undergraduates at a U.S. or Canadian college or university who are seriously considering graduate studies in CS&CE. First consideration will be given to juniors who have completed three years by the summer of 2015. However, freshman and sophomores with the skills needed for research, as well as seniors considering graduate school, are encouraged to apply.

The primary criteria for selection are:

  • The student's potential for success in graduate school, as indicated by her record and recommendations.
  • The match between the student's experience and skills and the needs of a participating professor's research project.
  • The student's potential gain from the experience (e.g., students at institutions unable to offer research opportunities with professors).
  • The potential that the student's participation will advance the goals of the program.

As a reminder, the goal of the DREU is to increase the number of women and students from groups underrepresented in computing entering graduate studies in the fields of computer science and engineering.

Additional Program Information for Mentors

  • Number of students per mentor. Mentors are encouraged to request two students if a single student would be isolated. However, we expect to limit awards to two students per mentor.

  • Joint/co-mentoring possibilities. Two or more mentors may submit a single application to jointly supervise one or more students.

  • Cost sharing by faculty mentors is encouraged. The number of students interested in the DREU program has increased substantially over the last several years and many qualified students have not been selected due to lack of funding. To enable more students to participate, faculty are encouraged to provide funds to support (partially or fully) students; the DREU will provide travel support for all students.
  • All interested faculty are eligible to be DREU mentors. All interested faculty are encouraged to apply as mentors. Nonethess, based on the documented benefits of role models with similar gender or from similar demographic groups, it is anticipated that DREU funds will be used to support students matched with mentors from groups underrepresented in computing. Hence, it is anticipated that other mentors will provide full funding for their students' stipends (the program will provide travel support).

Selection Criteria for Faculty Mentors

Potential mentors should be CS&CE professors at U.S. or Canadian PhD granting universities with active research programs into which the DREU students may be integrated. As interaction with current graduate students is a feature of the DREU experience, it is important that the mentor's research group include graduate students who will be on campus during the summer.

The primary criteria for selection are:

  • The suitability of the professor's research project for undergraduates and the match of skills required for the project with student applicants.
  • The conduciveness of the professor's university environment to the goals of the mentoring project (e.g., an active summer research population that would provide the student with a window on future graduate life).
  • The professor's demonstrated skill in the task of mentoring undergraduates.
  • The potential that the professor's participation will advance the goals of the program.

As a reminder, the goal of the DREU is to increase the number of women and students from groups underrepresented in computing entering graduate studies in the fields of computer science and engineering.

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