DREU Participants
Procedures and Requirements Summary

The DREU program provides up to $7,000 (plus a maximum of $500 for relocation travel) per student for ten weeks of summer research ($700 per week) at the mentor's university. A student does not have to be in residence exactly ten weeks at the mentor's institution, but the student's grant will be prorated according to the number of weeks she decides to stay ($700 a week). The number of weeks a student is in residence at the mentor's institution is arranged by the student and the mentor to their mutual satisfaction.

Generally, the stipend is paid in four installments of $1,750. As described below, there are some items that the student and/or the mentor need to complete to trigger the payment of each installment.

Note: Each student is responsible for specifying in the payment information form the address to which each stipend should be sent.

Before Research Experience
(after acceptance)
Items Required for 1st Stipend Payment
Relocation Travel
  Direct Deposit
Students can receive their payment with a check sent in the mail or by direct deposit. We highly recommend direct deposit.
To receive your stipend by direct deposit, please fill out and turn in the following forms ASAP:
  • Direct deposit form: needs to be e-mailed, faxed or mailed to Anybill (see the address and the fax number on the form). This link will show you where to find the routing and account number
After Research Experience starts
(after 1-2 weeks)
Items Required for 2nd Stipend
Mid-way through Research Experience
(after 5-6 weeks)
Items Required for 3rd Stipend Payment
At End of
Research Experience
Items Required for 4th Stipend Payment
Any time
during or after
Research Experience
Research Experience Related Travel Request

A Note on Taxes

Because DREU awards are not for qualified tuition and related expenses but instead represent compensation for research services rendered as a condition of receiving the grant, they are reportable as gross income, but not as wages. I understand and agree that by participating in the DREU program I am considered an independent contractor and that the CRA is not required to withhold any taxes on these stipends and no such withholding shall be done. The CRA is required to issue 1099's or W-2's to independent contractors; these are mailed to participants in the spring, typically February. It is the responsibility of each recipient to properly report the award as taxable income on his or her tax return in the year received.

For more information on DREU, please visit the DREU website.
If you have any questions about DREU, please consult the DREU FAQ (frequently asked questions), the DREU Procedures and Requirements Summary or contact