Week 5: July 15 - 19

   This week was a change of gears as my mentor told me it was time to focus on writing a paper instead of coding! The team was going to submit a paper to the SLTAT (Sign Language Translation and Avatar Technology) conference which was a great opportunity for me to participate in the publication process. This will be the first publication with my name on it, and my mentor agreed with me that it would be good practice for my final DREU report, which is due in a month. We met on how to split the paper and assign work to each of us in the team, which was not that easy, ha! It was a lot of reading to catch up on the specific linguistic terms and papers in order to write my part of the publication. My contribution will be to describe the ASL part in-depth and to elaborate on the reasoning why the team worked on our specific challenge. This also perfectly meshed with my DREU goals: work with the animators to see what they needed from me. The paper is due in less than 2 weeks so I'll be working furiously to get it completed in time! Once we submit the paper I'll also post it here for interested parties to peruse :)

   On a side note, I started to look at John's work regarding the Python script and corpus analysis. I've made some progress in modifying ELAN's code to display the information I wanted. After some discussion with my mentor, it was decided that a new interface probably is necessary to display the histogram data as shoving it into the current search results panel ended up in usability issues. Also, she just wanted a quick way to extract that data instead of going through the tedious process of searching, exporting to CSV, importing into Excel, doing the analysis, then finally getting the numbers. This is a sample picture of what John's script generated and it is now my goal to find a simple way to get that image into ELAN. Hopefully I'll be able to report progress on this front in the next few weeks as I'll be working mostly on the SLTAT paper...