DREU 2013 - University of Maryland - Lulu Ye

project info

Touchscreen devices can be challenging for people with visual impairments to use, and current assistive devices are often socially stigmatizing because past engineers neglect the aesthetics of the device, instead focusing on functionality. Wearable technology, an area currently gaining traction--think of Google Glass, the Samsung watch, the Nike FuelBand, and other devices--can improve the accessibility of touchscreens by serving as unobtrusive, socially acceptable assistive devices. This summer, I'm building a wearable prototype (using Arduino and a lot of hacking) that interfaces with VoiceOver, iOS's screenreader technology. With this prototype, we will be running interview studies on how wearable technology can improve the mobile device interaction experiences for visually-impaired users. You can keep track of my project over at my journal.

final report