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Improving the Connectivity of PRM Roadmaps

Project Personnel:Samuel Rodriguez,Nancy Amato

We investigate how the coverage and connectedness of PRM roadmaps can be improved by adding a connected component (CC) connection step to the general PRM framework. We provide experimental results establishing that significant roadmap improvements can be obtained relatively efficiently by utilizing a suite of CC connection methods, which include variants of existing methods such as RRT and a new ray tracing based method. The coordinated application of these techniques is enabled by methods for selecting and scheduling pairs of nodes in different CCs for connection attempts. In addition to identifying important and/or promising regions of C-space for exploration, these methods also provide a mechanism for controlling the cost of the connection attempts. In our experiments, the time required by the improvement phase was on the same order as the time used to generate the initial roadmap.

Improving the Connectivitiy of PRM Roadmaps, Marco Morales, Samuel Rodriguez, Nancy M. Amato, In Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. Robot. Autom. (ICRA), pp. 4427-4432, Taipei, Taiwan, Sep 2003.
Proceedings(ps, abstract)

Supported by NSF, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Project Alumni:Marco Morales

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