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Welcome to the Programming Techniques, Tools and Languages Group!. The group was founded in 2003 by Dr. Bjarne Stroustrup within Parasol Lab at Texas A&M University. Members of the group have been actively involved in standardization of the C++, contributed to C++ Boost Library Collection, GNU Compiler Collection, Axiom Computer Algebra System; served on steering committees of various conferences, symposiums and workshops; helped reviewing as well as published numerous books, research papers and manuscripts related to programming languages.

Research Interests

Research intersts of various subgroups as well as our faculty members include but are not limited to distributed systems, software development tools, design, programming and programming languages, generic and generative programming, software libraries, type systems, compiler construction, mathematical software, computer algebra, computer methods in geometry etc. Don't get discouraged if your research area is not listed here, come talk to us - we love innovative ideas in any domain and hopefully will be able to provide you some guidance.

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