Puerto Varas, Chile • Dec 11-14, 2017

Paper Submission

Submission link will be available soon.

Paper Format

Papers for ISRR 2017 may be submitted in two formats:

Long Format: We welcome papers of up to 16 pages, in Springer format, that describe thought-provoking research ideas or directions for which there is already established implementation or evidence. Selected papers will be organized into topical panels for presentation, debate and discussion.

Blue Sky Ideas Format: In cooperation with the Computing Community Consortium (CCC), we encourage submissions to a special “Blue Sky Ideas” track. These are shorter (target length 4 to 6 pages) papers which describe visionary ideas, long term challenges, and opportunities in research that are outside of the current mainstream topics of the field and which will provoke discussion or debate.

Topics and Program Committee members Assignments

Control: Sami Haddadin (Leibniz Universität Hannover & FRANKA EMIKA) & Yoshihiko Nakamura (University of Tokyo)
Design: Masayuki Inaba (University of Tokyo) & Daniela Rus (MIT)
Haptics: Francois Conti (Stanford University) & Marcia O'Malley (Rice University)
HRI: Aude Billard (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) & Julie Shah (MIT)
Learning: Dieter Fox (University of Washington) & Ben Kuipers (University of Michigan)
Manipulation: Antonio Bicchi (Universita di Pisa e Instituto Italiano di Technologia) & Jing Xiao (UNC Charlotte)
Motion: Jean-Paul Laumond (LAAS) & Yoshihiko Nakamura
Perception: Darius Burschka (Technische Universität München) & Jana Kosecka (George Mason University)
Planning: David Hsu (National University of Singapore) & Lydia Tapia (University of New Mexico)
Systems: Tamim Asfour (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie) & Gaurav Sukhatme (University of Southern California)
Other application: Nancy Amato (Texas A&M University) & Greg Hager (Johns Hopkins University)
Other fundamental: Nancy Amato (Texas A&M University) & Greg Hager (Johns Hopkins University)