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LCPC 2003:
The 16th International Workshop on
Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing

Hosted by:
The Parasol Lab, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Texas A&M University

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LCPC'03: Program
LCPC 2003 Program
Map with hotels, meeting & lunch locations, driving routes, parking lots, etc (pdf, jpg)

Thursday October 2, 2003
All Thursday Sessions in Clayton Williams, Jr., Alumni Center

8:00-8:45am Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:45-9:00am Welcome
9:00-10:20am Session 1: Adaptive Optimization
Session Chair: David Padua
9:00-9:20am Search Space Properties for Mapping Pipelined FPGA Applications: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Heidi Ziegler and Mary Hall
9:20-9:40am Adapting Convergent Scheduling Using Machine-Learning: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (HTML)
Diego Puppin, Mark Stephenson, Saman Amarasinghe, Martin Martin, Una-May O'Reilly
9:40-10:00am TFP: Time-sensitive, Flow-specific Profiling at Runtime: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Sagnik Nandy, Xiaofeng Gao, Jeanne Ferrante
10:00-10:20am Discussion
10:20-10:40am Break
10:40-12:20pm Session 2: Data Locality
Session Chair: Jose Moreira
10:40-11:00am A Hierarchical Model of Reference Affinity : Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Yutao Zhong, Xipeng Shen and Chen Ding
11:00-11:20am Cache Optimization for Coarse Grain Task Parallel Processing using Intra-Array Padding: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Kazuhisa Ishizaka, Motoki Obata, Hironori Kasahara
11:20-11:40am Compiler-Assisted Cache Replacement: Problem Formulation and Performance Evaluation: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Hongbo Yang, R. Govindarajan, Guang R. Gao and Ziang Hu
11:40-12:00pm Memory Constrained Data Locality Optimization for Tensor Contractions: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Alina Bibireata, Sandhya Krishnan, Gerald Baumgartner, Daniel Cociorva, Chi-Chung Lam, P. Sadayappan, J. Ramanujam, David E. Bernholdt, Venkatesh Choppella
12:00-12:20pm Discussion
12:20-2:20pm Lunch - Kyle Field Press Box
2:20-3:40pm Session 3: Parallel Languages I
Session Chair: Bjarne Stroustrup
2:20-2:40pm Compositional Development of Parallel Programs: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Nasim Mahmood, Guosheng Deng, and James C. Browne
2:40-3:00pm Supporting High-level Abstractions through XML Technologies: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Xiaogang Li and Gagan Agrawal
3:00-3:20pm Applications of HPJava: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (HTML)
Bryan Carpenter, Geoffrey Fox, Han-Ku Lee, Sang Boem Lim
3:20-3:40pm Discussion
3:40-4:00pm Break
4:00-5:20pm Session 4: Parallel Languages II
Session Chair: Keshav Pingali
4:00-4:20pm Programming for Locality and Parallelism with Hierarchically Tiled Arrays: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (HTML)
Gheorghe Almasi, Luiz De Rose, Jose Moreira and David Padua
4:20-4:40pm Co-Array Fortran Performance and Potential: An NPB Experimental Study: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Cristian Coarfa, Yuri Dotsenko, Jason Eckhardt, and John Mellor-Crummey
4:40-5:00pm Evaluating the Impact of Programming Language Features on the Performance of Parallel Applications on Cluster Architectures: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Jan Prins, Bill Pugh, P. Sadayappan, Chau-Wen Tseng
5:00-5:20pm Discussion
6:00pm Texas BBQ Dinner - Patio and Lawn of Alumni Center
7:30pm Panel: What does the Future Hold for Parallel Languages?
Moderator: Lawrence Rauchwerger
Confirmed Panelists: James Browne (slides), Frederica Darema (slides), Ken Kennedy, David Padua (slides), Keshav Pingali (slides), Bjarne Stroustrup (slides), Josep Torrellas (slides)

Friday October 3, 2003
All Friday Sessions in room 292 MSC (Memorial Student Center)

8:30-9:00am Continental Breakfast
9:00-10:20am Session 5: High Level Transformations
Session Chair: James Browne
9:00-9:20am Putting Polyhedral Loop Transformations to Work: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
CÚdric Bastoul, Albert Cohen, Sylvain Girbal, Saurabh Sharma, Olivier Temam
9:20-9:40am Index-Association Based Dependence Analysis and Its Application in Automatic Parallelization: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Yonghong Song and Xiangyun Kong
9:40-10:00am Improving the Performance of Morton Layout by Array Alignment and Loop Unrolling: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (HTML)
Jeyarajan Thiyagalingam and Olav Beckmann and Paul H. J. Kelly
10:00-10:20am Discussion
10:20-10:40am Break
10:40-12:00pm Session 6: Embedded Systems
Session Chair: Hank Dietz
10:40-11:00am Spatial Views: Space-Aware Programming for Networks of Embedded Systems: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Yang Ni, Ulrich Kremer, Liviu Iftode
11:00-11:20am Operation Reuse on Handheld Devices: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Yonghua Ding and Zhiyuan Li
11:20-11:40am Memory Redundancy Elimination to Improve Application Energy Efficiency: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Keith D. Cooper and Li Xu
11:40-12:00pm Discussion
12:00-2:00pm Lunch at Faculty Club (11th Floor Rudder Tower)
2:00-3:00pm Invited Talk: PERCS: IBM Effort in HPCS (slides), Mootaz Elnozahy, IBM Austin Research Lab
3:00-3:30pm Break
3:30-5:10pm Session 7: Distributed System Software
Session Chair: Sam Midkiff
3:30-3:50pm Adaptive MPI: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Chao Huang, Orion Lawlor, L. V. Kale
3:50-4:10pm MPJava: High-Performance Message Passing in Java using Java.nio: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Bill Pugh and Jaime Spacco
4:10-4:30pm Polynomial-time Algorithms for Enforcing Sequential Consistency in SPMD Programs with Arrays: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Wei-Yu Chen, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Katherine Yelick
4:30-4:50pm C3: A System for Automating Application-level Checkpointing of MPI Programs: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Greg Bronevetsky, Daniel Marques, Keshav Pingali, Paul Stodghill
4:50-5:10pm Discussion
6:00pm Tour and Wine Tasting at Messina Hof Vineyard (optional) Sponsored by Microsoft Research
7:00pm Banquet at Messina Hof Vineyard Sponsored by Microsoft Research
Keynote Address: Dynamic Data Driven Application Systems, Frederica Darema, NSF (PDF slides first part, second part)

Map to Messina Hof from campus and hotels (pdf, jpg)

Saturday October 4, 2003
All Saturday Sessions in Room 1011B at the Bush Presidential Conference Center.

8:30-9:00am Continental Breakfast
9:00-10:20am Session 8: Low Level Transformations
Session Chair: Rudolf Eigenmann
9:00-9:20am The Power of Belady's Algorithm in Register Allocation for Long Basic Blocks: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Jia Guo, Maria Jesus Garzaran, David Padua
9:20-9:40am Load Elimination in the Presence of Side-Effects, Concurrency and Precise Exceptions: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Christoph von Praun, Florian Schneider, Thomas Gross
9:40-10:00am To Inline or Not to Inline? Enhanced Inlining Decisions: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Peng Zhao and Jose Nelson Amaral
10:00-10:20am Discussion
10:20-10:40am Break
10:40-12:20pm Session 9: Compiling for Novel Architectures
Session Chair: Chau-Wen Tseng
10:40-11:00am A Preliminary Study On the Vectorization of Multimedia Applications for Multimedia Extensions: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Gang Ren, Peng Wu and David Padua
11:00-11:20am A Data Cache with Dynamic Mapping: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Paolo D'Alberto, Alexandru Nicolau and Alexander Veidenbaum
11:20-11:40am Compiler-Based Code Partitioning for Intelligent Embedded Disk Processing: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Guilin Chen, Guangyu Chen, M. Kandemir, A. Nadgir
11:40-12:00pm Much Ado about Almost Nothing: Compilation for Nanocontrollers: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Henry G. Dietz, Shashi D. Arcot, and Sujana Gorantla
12:00-12:20pm Discussion
12:20-1:30pm Lunch - Bush Library Complex
1:30-3:30pm Session 10: Optimization Infrastructure
Session Chair: Lawrence Rauchwerger
1:30-1:50pm Increasing the Accuracy of Shape and Safety Analysis of Pointer-based Codes: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (HTML)
Pedro Diniz
1:50-2:10pm Slice-hoisting for Array-size Inference in MATLAB: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Arun Chauhan and Ken Kennedy
2:10-2:30pm Efficient Execution of Multi-Query Data Analysis Batches Using Compiler Optimization Strategies: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Henrique Andrade, Suresh Aryangat, Tahsin Kurc, Joel Saltz, Alan Sussman
2:30-2:50pm Semantic-Driven Parallelization of Loops Operating on User-Defined Containers: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Dan Quinlan, Markus Schordan, Qing Yi, Bronis R. de Supinski
2:50-3:10pm Cetus - An Extensible Compiler Infrastructure for Source-to-Source Transformation: Full Text, Abstract , Presentation (PDF)
Sang-Ik Lee, Troy A. Johnson, Rudolf Eigenmann
3:10-3:30pm Discussion
3:30pm Closing

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