Jacob T. Schwartz

1948 - BS City College of New York
1951 - PhD Yale -- Advisor: Nelson Dunford

Current Position
Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics
New York University
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Department of Computer Science

195? Yale Instructor of Mathematics
1953 Yale Assistant Professor
1957 NYU Associate Professor
1958 NYU Professor

Work in Pure and Applied Mathematics and Computer Science includes
spectral theory of linear operators
von Neumann algebras
macro economics
the mathematics of quantum field theory
computer time-sharing
high-level programming languages
parallel computers

Is considered a major pioneer in parallel computers

Current work
Trying to develop a design for a new multimedia language and environment.

Member of numerous editorial boards, including:
Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics
Advances in Applied Mathematics
Journal of Programming Languages
Discrete and Computational Geometry
Computers and Mathematics with Applications
Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Thought

Sloane Fellow
Wilbur Cross Medal, Yale University
Townsend Harris Medal, City University of New York
Steele Prize, American Mathematical Society
Mayor's Medal for Contributions to Science and Technology, New York City
member, National Academy of Sciences.

"Jack's style has been to enter a new field, master quickly the existing research literature, add the stamp of his own forceful vision in a series of research contributions, and finally, leave behind an active research group that continues fruitful research for many years along the lines he has laid down." -- Martin Davis, Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics at NYU

Some recent (and not so recent) papers:
Jacob T. Schwartz: Automatic Data Structure Choice in a Language of Very High Level. POPL 1975 (Principles of Programming Languages): 36-40
Robert Paige, Jacob T. Schwartz: Reduction in Strength of High Level Operations. POPL 1977: 58-71
Edmond Schonberg, Jacob T. Schwartz, Micha Sharir: Automatic Data Structure selection in SETL. POPL 1979: 197-210
Robert B. K. Dewar, Arthur Grand, Ssu-Cheng Liu, Jacob T. Schwartz, Edmond Schonberg:
Programming by Refinement, as Exemplified by the SETL Representation Sublanguage. TOPLAS 1(1): 27-49 (1979)
Jacob T. Schwartz: Fast Probabilistic Algorithms for Verification of Polynomial Identities. JACM 27(4): 701-717 (1980)
Jacob T. Schwartz: Ultracomputers. TOPLAS 2(4): 484-521 (1980)
Edmond Schonberg, Jacob T. Schwartz, Micha Sharir: An Automatic Technique for Selection of Data Structures in SETL Programs. TOPLAS 3(2): 126-143 (1981)
Stefan M. Freudenberger, Jacob T. Schwartz, Micha Sharir: Experience with the SETL Optimizer. TOPLAS 5(1): 26-45 (1983)
Herbert Edelsbrunner, JŠnos Pach, Jacob T. Schwartz, Micha Sharir: On the Lower Envelope of Bivariate Functions and its Applications. FOCS 1987: 27-37
B. Mishra, Jacob T. Schwartz, Micha Sharir: On the Existence and Synthesis of Multifinger Positive Grips. Algorithmica 2: 541-558 (1987)
D. Cantone, A. Ferro, Jacob T. Schwartz: Decision Procedures for Elementary Sublanguages of Set Theory. V. Multilevel Syllogistic Extended by the General Union Operator. JCSS 34(1): 1-18 (1987)
Jacob T. Schwartz, Micha Sharir: Finding Effective ``Force Targets'' for Two-Dimensional Multifinger Frictional Grips. Algorithmica 8(1): 1-20 (1992)
D. Cantone, A. Ferro, and J.T. Schwartz, (1987). ``Decision Procedures for Elementary Sublanguages of Set Theory, Part V: Multilevel Syllogistic Extended by the General Union Operator,'' J. Comp. System Sciences, 34(1).
J.T. Schwartz, (1987). ``Dreamworld,'' Daedalus Magazine, 116(3):165--185.
J.T. Schwartz, (1987). ``The Limits of Artificial Intelligence,'' in the Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence, John Wiley & Sons.
Dunford, Nelson, Jacob T. Schwartz, and with the assistance of William G. Bade and Robert G. Bartle, Linear operators, 3v., Wiley Classics Library, Interscience Publishers, New York, 1988, 1958-1971. (LC: QA329.2 .D85 1988 DD:515.7/246 dc19 ISBN: 0471608475/0470226382 LCCN: 88-116254)


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