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About Me

Hi my name is Art Martinez, I was born in a small city called Mission TX. Im currently going to be a Senior in Thelmas R. Salinas Early College HighSchool and Im almost done with my Accoiates of Computer Science. I want to work in Robotics and see how robots functions and how much potential they have for the future.

Thanks to the CRA-W DREU for giving me this opportunity to experence a new area of programming. This is my first year here and hoping more to come.

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  • My Mentors:

        These are my mentors who helped me in my stay at Texas A&M's Parasol Lab. For more information check out their personal webpages.

  • Dr. Nancy Amato
  • Irving Solis

  • Project Overview

    Motion Planning is the problem of finding a valid path to move an object from a start to a goal configuration. As motion planning grows into more and more fields, better methods of simulating and finding the best traversal for an object to follow are needed. This may sound facile but with motion planning being so broad, research is needed in order to properly implement it.

    Project Goals and Implications

    The goal of this project is to optimize visualization software to help in the simulations done by other individuals in the field of motion planning. Through the guidance of Irving and others in the lab, we strive to be able to perfect the simulators functionality and performance.


  • Learn the Parasol Lab's software tools for research including PMPL (for motion planning), VIZMO (for visualization), the simulator, and GForge (for group code collaboration).
  • Learn basics of motion planning, mesh files, and visualization.
  • Conduct testing and visual analysis of changes made.
  • Document improvements and optimizations.
  • Prepare and present a poster.

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