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Picture+ Dennis Rodrigo da Cunha Silva
PhD Student
Algorithms & Applications Group

Parasol Laboratory url: http://parasol.tamu.edu/~denisrcs/
Department of Computer Science and Engineering email:
Texas A&M University office: 407A HRBB
College Station, TX 77843-3112 tel:
USA fax: (979) 458-0718


About Me

Dennis is currently a Computer Science PhD student at Texas A&M University funded by the Brazilian scholarship Science Without Borders by CNPq. Dennis obtained his MSc title in Systems Engineering at University of Pernambuco (UPE) in 2014. He also graduated in Bachelor on Computer Engineering at University of Pernambuco - UPE. Dennis Ranked 1st among all students graduated in Computer Engineering at 2012.2 and has worked as a Software Analyst at SUATI. He was also a Software Developer and co-founder at Coeus working with the development of applications for mobile devices. He has also worked as a Temporary Professor at the Business Science School of Pernambuco - UPE teaching the course Introduction to Informatics, from 2013 to 2015.

His current research and work interests are:

  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • Motion Planning and Robotics
  • Optimization techniques
  • Science networks (modern Graph Theory)


Book Chapter Published

  1. Bastos-Filho, C. J. A. ; OLIVEIRA JUNIOR, M. A. C. ; SILVA, D. R. C. ; CAVALCANTI, J. A. ; PEDROSA, V. V. C. Hopfield Neural Networks for Routing in Communication Networks. 1 ed. : IGI Global, 2013, v. , p. 235-254.

Complete works published in proceedings of conferences

  1. LEAL, I. A. C. ; SILVA, D. R. C. ; CHAVES, D. A. R. ; BASTOS-FILHO, C. J. A. Bio-inspired optimization of blocked calls in cellular mobile systems. Santa Rita do Sapucai. 2015 International Workshop on Telecommunications (IWT), 2015. p. 1.

  2. SILVA, D. R. C. ; Bastos-Filho, C. J. A . A Speed-Constrained Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimizer Guided by a Diversity Metrics, 2014, Bariloche. LA-CCI 2014 - Latin American Congress on Computational Intelligence, 2014. v. 1. p. 1-6.

  3. SILVA, J. C. ; CRUZ JUNIOR, G. ; VINHAL, C. ; SILVA, D. R. C. ; Bastos-Filho, C. J. A . Comparing MOPSO Approaches for Hydrothermal Systems Operation Planning, 2013, Ipojuca. BRICS-CCI & CBIC 2013, 2013. v. 1. p. 1-6.

  4. SILVA, D. R. C. ; Bastos-Filho, C. J. A . A Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimizer Based on Diversity, 2013, Veneza. INTELLI 2013 The Second International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Applications, 2013. v. 1. p. 109-114.

  5. Bastos-Filho, C. J. A ; OLIVEIRA JUNIOR, M. A. C. ; SILVA, D. R. C. ; SANTANA, R. A. Optimizing a Routing Algorithm Based on Hopfield Neural Networks for Graphic Processing Units, 2011, Paris. Proceeding of IEEE Foundations on Computational Intelligence - SSCI 2011, 2011. p. 88-93.

  6. Bastos-Filho, C. J. A ; SANTANA, R. A ; SILVA, D. R. C. ; MARTINS FILHO, J. F. ; CHAVES, D. A. R. Hopfield neural networks for routing in all-optical networks, 2010, Munich. Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks, 2010. p. 1-..

  7. SANTANA, R. A ; Bastos-Filho, C. J. A ; SILVA, D. R. C. ; CHAVES, D. A. R. ; MARTINS FILHO, J. F. Roteamento em Redes Ópticas Transparentes Utilizando Redes Neurais de Hopfield, 2010, Vila Velha. Anais do MOMAG 2010, 2010. p. 367-372.

Presentations of Work

  1. SILVA, D. R. C. ; Bastos-Filho, C. J. A . A Speed-Contrained Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization Guided by Diversity Metrics. 2014. (Presentation/Conference or Colloquium).