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Jack Perdue

Graduate Student / Systems Analyst II
Department of Computer Science
College of Engineering
Texas A&M University
Office: 407D HRBB
Phone: (979) 458-1086 (office?)
Fax: (979) 691-2775
E-mail: j-perdue@tamu.edu
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  • Predicting Performance on SMPs. A Case Study: The SGI Power Challenge, Nancy M. Amato, Jack Perdue, Andrea Pietracaprina, Geppino Pucci, and Mark Mathis, to appear in International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS), May 2000, Cancun, Mexico. Also, Technical Report TR99-020, Department of Computer Science, Texas A&M University, October 1999.
    IPDPS'00 Paper ( ps , pdf )     Tech Report ( ps , pdf )

  • A Cost Model for Communication on a Symmetric MultiProcessor, Nancy M. Amato, Andrea Pietracaprina, Geppino Pucci, Lucia K. Dale, and Jack Perdue, Technical Report TR98-004, Department of Computer Science, Texas A&M University, January 1998. (Presented at SPAA Revue, 1998.)
    Abstract     Tech Report ( ps , pdf )

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