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Parasol Laboratory url: http://parasol.tamu.edu/~jlb4248/
Department of Computer Science and Engineering email:
Texas A&M University office: 407 HRBB
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USA fax: (979) 458-0718

-- Who am I? -- -- Resume -- -- Publications --

-- Who am I? --


Welcome to my research page! My name is Juan Burgos and I am a recent graduate from Texas A&M University. I received my Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Engineering and Applied Mathematics from Texas A&M University in May 2013 with Cum Laude Honors, Engineering Scholar Honors, University Honors, and the Undergraduate Research Fellows Honors distinction.

I worked at the Parasol Lab under the guidance of Dr. Nancy Amato in the Algorithms & Applications Group working on Motion Planning.

My undergraduate Senior Thesis was in Connected Component Expansion (CCExpansion). Since computing exact motion planning solutions is intractable, sampling-based algorithms, such as Probabilistic RoadMaps (PRMs), have gained popularity. PRMs compute an approximate mapping of the planning space by sacrificing completeness in favor of efficiency. However, these algorithms have certain bottlenecks that hinder performance, causing difficulty mapping narrow or crowded regions, with the asymptotic bottleneck of these algorithms being the nearest-neighbor queries required to connect the roadmap. Thus, roadmaps may fail to efficiently capture the connectivity of the planning space. In my thesis, we presented a set of connected component (CC) expansion algorithms, each with different biases (random expand, expand to the nearest CC, expand away from the host CC, and expand along the medial-axis) and expansion node selection policies (random, farthest from CC's centroid, and difficult nodes), that create a linked-chain of configurations designed to enable efficient connection of CCs. Given an a priori roadmap quality requirement, in terms of roadmap connectivity, we showed that when our expansion methods augment PRMs, we could reach the required roadmap connectivity in less time.

-- Profile Summary --

Full Name University Department Majors Graduation Email
Juan Luis Burgos Texas A&M University Computer Science and Engineering Computer Engineering and Applied Mathematics May 2013 juanlb1988@gmail.com

The following page details my first research experience at Parasol. It's a journal of my summer research from back in 2010. Enjoy!

Research Journal (Summer 2010)


Juan Burgos, Jory Denny, Nancy M. Amato, "Improving Roadmap Quality through Connected Component Expansion," Technical Report, TR13-003, Texas A&M University, Apr 2013.
Technical Report(
ps, pdf, abstract)

Sam Ade Jacobs, Kasra Manavi, Juan Burgos, Jory Denny, Shawna Thomas, Nancy M. Amato, "A Scalable Method for Parallelizing Sampling-Based Motion Planning Algorithms," In Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. Robot. Autom. (ICRA), pp. 2529-2536, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, May 2012.
Proceedings(ps, pdf, abstract)

Samuel Rodriguez, Jory Denny, Juan Burgos, Aditya Mahadevan, Kasra Manavi, Luke Murray, Anton Kodochygov, Takis Zourntos, Nancy M. Amato, "Toward Realistic Pursuit-Evasion Using a Roadmap-Based Approach," In Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. Robot. Autom. (ICRA), pp. 1738-1745, May 2011.
Proceedings(ps, pdf, abstract)

Samuel Rodriguez, Jory Denny, Aditya Mahadevan, Jeremy (Cong-Trung) Vu, Juan Burgos, Takis Zourntos, Nancy M. Amato, "Roadmap-Based Pursuit-Evasion in 3D Structures," In Proc. of 24th Intern. Conf. on Computer Animation and Social Agents (CASA), 2011, in Transactions on Edutainment, pp. to appear, May 2011.
Proceedings(ps, pdf, abstract)

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