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Parasol Laboratory url: http://parasol.tamu.edu/~kpoblete/
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I'm a 4th year undergratuate student at Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico in Mexico City. I'm studing a double degree in Computer Engineering and Telematics Engineering. I expect to graduate in May, 2014. This Summer I'm working in the Department of Computer Science at Texas A&M University. I'm currently working with the Algorithms & Applications Group in Parasol Lab as part of the CSE@TAMU REU 2013. My faculty mentor for this summer is Nancy Amato and my Ph D Student advisor is Jory Denny. My faculty advisor in Mexico is Marco Morales.


Jan 2009 - Present : Undergraduate Student Double Major in Computer Enginnering and Telematics Engineering.
Expected Graduation: May 2014.
Department of Computer Science and Digital Systems, ITAM (Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico), Mexico.

Curriculum Vitae: pdf

Current Research

Motion planning in Multi-Agent Systems

Motion planning is used to solve the problem of finding a valid path to move a robot from one point to another in a environment.The problem of moving robots from one place to another gets harder when there is more than one robot involved and each one of them has to find a valid path which does not interfere with the paths of other robots. This can be done in a centralized or decentralized manner and agents are restricted by behaviors.

The importance of applying motion planning for multi-agent systems comes from the need of performing coordinated movement for completing a task. For example, it can be used for space probes that cooperate with other space probes for taking photos of the surface of the moon. Another example could be moving some agents at the same time in a 3D simulator without colliding between them or with the statical objects in the environment.

The multi-agent system research will contribute to the work that has been developed in the laboratory, adding the difficulty of using more than one robot and giving valid trajectories for each one of them. These trajectories must not interfere with other agent paths and this is what makes the problem harder than the motion planning for one agent.

I'm going to work directly with the motion model of the multi-agent system and the global and local planners. We can define the motion model as the module that controls the inputs of the system and the agent's states.

My basic activities include reading different papers related to multi-agent systems, and understanding the related work that has been done before. Then I have to implement an abstraction of the motion model and determine its role in local and global planners.

By the end of the research summer program, I expect to acquire more experience with motion planning and robotics. I also expect to improve my research abilities which include: Learning more from reading papers, improving my writing skills and being more analytic with the information obtained while researching.

The most important thing is that I want to write my Double Degree Major Thesis about this topic.

Research Plan: pdf

Weekly Journal

Visit the weekly journal of my project to know more.

About my Mentor
My faculty mentor for this summer is Dr. Nancy Amato Unocal Professor in the Department of Computer Science & Enginnering at Texas A&M University & Parasol Lab Co-Director.

Her research area includes:
My Research Interests
I'm really interested in a lot of topics, but I can list my favorite ones here:

More about me
I love riding my bike, drawing, painting, reading short stories, swimming, watching strange films, eating Ice Cream and writting short stories about robots.

Here, at College Station, I found out that I love country dancing.

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