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Peter Pirkelbauer

Peter Pirkelbauer

peter.pirkelbauer (at) tamu.edu
office: 423d H.B. Bright Building
phone: (979) 862-2428
fax: (979) 458-0718

Curriculum Vitae

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I am interested in programming languages, source code analysis, source code transformations, multi-core programming, and non blocking programming techniques. My goal is to improve the support for programming of real-world applications. The results of my research have been submitted for standardization to the ISO C++ committee, used for JPL's testing framework of its mission data system, and implemented as part of a class library that provides building blocks for concurrent software.

Currently, I am working on transformations for generic programs and a framework for source code rejuvenation - the evolution of source code towards newer and more effective programming styles.

Research Projects

The projects I have worked on include:
* The Pivot - a source-to-source translation infrastructure.
* The Rose compiler framework.
* C++ open method compiler - a prototype compiler/linker for C++ with open-methods.
* Lock-free vector - a portable, non-blocking, and resizable array implementation.
* Runtime concepts reconciling object-oriented and generic programming.

List of Publications


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