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Picture Saurabh Mishra
MS Student
Algorithms & Applications Group

Parasol Laboratory url: http://parasol.tamu.edu/~srb0203/
Department of Computer Science and Engineering email:
Texas A&M University office: 407 HRBB
College Station, TX 77843-3112 tel:
USA fax: (979) 458-0718

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                          My mentor is Dr. Nancy Amato. Link to her website

Some information about me:
MS in Computer Science
Texas A&M University
Class of 2017
BS in Computer Engineering
Texas A&M University
Class of 2015

Research Interests:
Multi-Agent systems
Group Behaviors

I am a first year Masters student in Computer Science. I finished my Undergraduate Degree in Computer Engineering in May 2015. The topic of my thesis was Modelling Battery-Constrained Behavior in Multi-Robot Systems. My research interests include Group Behaviors and Multi-Agent Systems. I would like to explore dynamic task allocation in Multi-Robot systems where the tasks have different complexities and the robots themselves have resource constraints.

In the summer of 2014 I worked on Modelling Constraint Aware Behavior. In this work we present a behavioral modeling framework that accounts for a battery constraint. This frame- work allows for a user to model robot teams of varying configuration performing common robotic tasks such as exploration or going to user specified goals. The focus of this work is on how to model a constraint aware behavior and how assistance can be requested and provided from a robot team. We show experimental results in simulated environments and identify trends that can be seen given a robot team configuration.

My project for summer 2013 is on Carvanning with Multiple Robots. It is an application where multiple robots communicate with each other to find a path from the start to the goal position. My goal would be to improve the communication process and make the leader election process efficient. Here is a link to my Research Proposal.