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John Kimbal Perdue, "Developing A Cost Model for Communication on a Symmetric MultiProcessor," Masters Thesis, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Texas A&M University, Dec 1998.
Masters Thesis(ps, pdf, abstract)

Despite numerous advances in hardware design, the full potential of today's parallel processing systems is rarely realized due to the difficulty in predicting how a particular algorithm will utilize the underlying architecture. This study looks at a number of proposed ``bridging models'' for the bulk-synchronous parallel processing paradigm that attempt to provide an accurate abstraction of how well an algorithm will exploit the underlying architecture. The study provides evidence that temporal and spatial locality of memory accesses must be considered if a bridging model is to be useful. Additionally, this study presents a pair of prediction functions that serve as indicators for best and worst case performance on a particular class of systems, symmetric multiprocessors -- in particular, the SGI Power Challenge.