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Ganesh Bikshandy, Jia Guo, Christoph von Praun, Gabriel Tanase, Basilio Fraguela, Maria Jesus Garzaran, David Padua, Lawrence Rauchwerger, "Design and Use of htalib – A Library for Hierarchically Tiled Arrays," Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4382/2007:17-32, 2008.
Journal(pdf, abstract)

Hierarchically Tiled Arrays (HTAs) are data structures that facilitate locality and parallelism of array intensive computations with block-recursive nature. The model underlying HTAs provides programmers with a global view of distributed data as well as a single-threaded view of the execution. In this paper we present htalib, a C++ implementation of HTAs. This library provides several novel constructs: (i) A map-reduce operator framework that facilitates the implementation of distributed operations with HTAs. (ii) Overlapped tiling in support of tiling in stencil codes. (iii) Data layering, facilitating the use of HTAs in adaptive mesh refinement applications. We describe the interface and design of htalib and our experience with the new programming constructs.