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Parasol Resources Overview

Computational Resources

Computing in the Parasol laboratory is primarily based on the Linux operating system, specifically the community-oriented CentOS, and Open Source software, on both workstation and server platforms. The network services provide version control, project tracking, identity and configuration management, web publishing and database back ends (among other functions). Two ROCKS-based clusters are implemented for project testing and benchmarking.

We also support undergraduate and graduate instruction for our faculty members.


Cray XE6m Supercomputer at Parasol CRAY XE6m Supercomputer
• 24 compute nodes, with the following characteristics:
  • 12 regular nodes each with two 16 core 64-bit AMD© 'Interlagos' 2.1 GHz CPUs, for a total of 384 cores.
  • 12 accelerated nodes, each with one 16 core 64-bit AMD© 'Interlagos' 2.1 GHz CPU, Kepler© K20 GPU, for a total of 192 cores.
  • Note: Grand total is 576 cores.
  • Additionally, each Kepler K20 has a total of 2496 GPU cores, approaching a peak double precision performance of 1.17 TFLOPS, or 3.52 TFLOPS in single precision. The total GPU core count is 29,952.
• 8 service nodes (boot/login/database/filesys) with 6-core 64-bit AMD 'Istanbul' CPUs.
• CRAY proprietary Gemini 3D torus interconnect fabric.
• CLE (Cray Linux Environment) software stack with GNU, Portland Group©, and CRAY compiler/MPI suites.
• LUSTRE parallel file system with 36TB usable space.
• See the Official Product Page for this system at www.cray.com.

GPU/CUDA High Performance Computing Server

The Supermicro SuperServer 4027GR-TRT HPC GPU server at Parasol "Backslash" Server
• Mercury AH-GPU424 HPC server with 8 NVIDIA Tesla K40m GPU modules.
• Characteristics:
  • Hostname: backslash.cs.tamu.edu
  • Dual 12-core Intel© Xeon© CPU E5-2695 v2 @ 2.40GHz (2 threads per core) processors.
  • 8 NVIDIA© Tesla© K40m, 2880 cores each, providing a total of 23040 GPU cores.
  • Benchmarked to 1.78 TFLOPS (double precision), 3.0 TFLOPS (single precision).
  • 768 GB RAM
  • 8 TB disk scratch space
  • Operating System: CentOS 6
  • Software: CUDA, MATLAB, AMPL, and other mathematical modeling packages.

Research Clusters

The Bigsprint Cluster at Parasol "Bigspring" Cluster
• IBM x335 Cluster (donated by Chevron)
• Characteristics:
  • Hostname: bigspring.cs.tamu.edu
  • (24) IBM x335 servers with 4GB RAM and (2) 2.4GHz Intel Xeon CPUs each
  • Operating System: CentOS 5
  • Clustering Software: Rocks 5.0
The Manhattan Cluster at Parasol "Manhattan" Cluster
Dell Cluster • Characteristics:
  • Hostname: manhattan.cs.tamu.edu
  • (5) Dell PowerEdge 1850 servers with 1-2GB RAM and (2) 3.0 GHz Intel Xeon CPUs each
  • Operating System: CentOS 5.4
  • Clustering Software: Rocks 5.3

Personal Workstations