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Operation Guidelines

The Parasol Lab network is supported by one full-time administrator and a small group of Parasol Lab graduate students. Problems with any of the lab computers should be directed to Parasol Support

System usage guidelines

Because the Parasol network is run outside the supervision of the Computer Science's CSG and SSO, Parasol Lab systems do NOT share 'netgroup' information with other systems in the Computer Science Department. This has the following implications to the user:

Services that do not encrypt password information (telnet, ftp, rlogin, etc.) have been disabled on Parasol for security reasons. In order to access the any host you have to use the suite of SSH tools (ssh, scp, sftp, etc). In case your machine has MS Windows, there are a couple of good sets of SSH tools for Windows.
Parasol Lab machines currently run OpenSSH, and that is what is recommended for home systems as well. When you configure SSH, make sure you use SSH 2 for the protocol and 3des as the encryption algorithm.

Further information on the Parasol Laboratory systems can be found in the Parasol Wiki