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Parasol Seminar Schedule

The Parasol Seminar is held (nearly) every week during the spring and fall semesters, and periodically at other times.
During Spring 2017 (unless otherwise noted), meetings are every Friday at 3:30 pm in 302 HRBB.

If you would like to present a seminar, please send an email to Glen Hordemann ( hordemann@tamu.edu).

Spring 2017
Current seminar schedule for the season
Day Time Venue Speaker Title
Friday, Jan 2011:00 am 302 HRBB
Alin Jula
Google Analytics: How to Understand Your Web Users
Friday, Feb 033:30 pm 302 HRBB
Peter Pirkelbauer
Parasol Lab, CSE, TAMU
Memory Management for Concurrent Objects with Hardware Transactional Memory
Friday, Feb 103:30 pm 302 HRBB
Miquel Pericàs
Executing task-parallel programs on dynamic hardware places
Fall 2016
Current seminar schedule for the season
Day Time Venue Speaker Title
Thursday, Sep 224:00 pm 302 HRBB
Adam Fidel
Parasol Lab, CSE, TAMU
Fast Approximate Distance Queries in Unweighted Graphs using Bounded Asynchrony
Thursday, Sep 292:00 pm 302 HRBB
Mukulika Ghosh
Parasol Lab, CSE, TAMU
Motion Planning using Hierarchical Aggregation of Workspace Obstacles
Amir Tamjidi
Dept of AE, TAMU
Unifying Consensus and Covariance Intersection for Decentralized State Estimation
Thursday, Oct 274:00 pm 302 HRBB
Shiyou Huang
Dept of CSE, TAMU
Maximal Causality Reduction for TSO and PSO
Wednesday, Dec 144:00 pm 302 HRBB
Yulin Zhang
Dept of CSE, TAMU
You can’t save all the pandas: impossibility results for privacy-preserving tracking
Saurav Agarwal
Dept of AE, TAMU
Motion Planning for Active Data Association and Localization in Non-Gaussian Belief Spaces
Read Sandstrom
Parasol Lab, CSE, TAMU
Dynamic Region-biased Rapidly-exploring Random Trees

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