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Parasol Seminar Schedule

The Parasol Seminar is held (nearly) every week during the spring and fall semesters, and periodically at other times.
During Fall 2015 (unless otherwise noted), meetings are every Monday at 4:00 pm in 302 HRBB.

If you would like to present a seminar, please send an email to Mani Zandifar ( mazaninfardi@cse.tamu.edu).

Fall 2015
Day Time Venue Speaker Title
Tuesday, Sep 014:00 pm 302 HRBB
Jose Amaral
CS, University of Alberta
Load Balancing and Remote Data Access in Distributed-Shared Memory Machines
Friday, Sep 184:00 pm 302 HRBB
Yan Lu
Dept of CSE, TAMU
Robustness to Lighting Variations: An RGB-D Indoor Visual Odometry Using Line Segments
Chinwe Ekenna
Parasol Lab, CSE, TAMU
Improved Roadmap Connection via Local Learning for Sampling Based Planners
Friday, Oct 094:00 pm 302 HRBB
Parasol Lab, CSE, TAMU
An Algorithmic Approach to Communication Reduction in Parallel Graph Algorithms
Friday, Oct 164:00 pm 302 HRBB
Charles Foust
Parasol Lab, CSE, TAMU
Generating Reactive Programs for Graphical User Interfaces from Multi-way Dataflow Constraint Systems
Friday, Oct 234:00 pm 302 HRBB

Friday, Oct 304:00 pm 302 HRBB
Chinwe Ekenna
Parasol Lab, CSE, TAMU
Adaptive Local Learning in Sampling Based Motion Planning for Protein Folding

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