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Parasol Seminar Schedule

The Parasol Seminar is held (nearly) every week during the spring and fall semesters, and periodically at other times.
During Summer 2015 (unless otherwise noted), meetings are every Friday at 4:00 pm in 302 HRBB.

If you would like to present a seminar, please send an email to Harshvardhan ( ananvay@cse.tamu.edu).

Summer 2015
Day Time Venue Speaker Title
Friday, May 223:30 pm 302 HRBB
Paul McKenney
IBM Linux Technology Center,
High-Performance and Scalable Updates: The Issaquah Challenge
Friday, Jun 054:00 pm 302 HRBB
Mani Zandifar
Parasol Lab, CS, TAMU
Composing Algorithmic Skeletons to Express High-Performance Scientific Applications
Ioannis Papadopoulos
Parasol Lab, CS, TAMU
STAPL-RTS: An Application Driven Runtime System
Spring 2015
Day Time Venue Speaker Title
No talk has been scheduled yet
Fall 2014
Day Time Venue Speaker Title
Thursday, Sep 044:00 pm 302 HRBB
Christine Shoemaker
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University
Surrogate Global Optimization and Uncertainty Algorithms for Computationally Expensive Objective Functions with Integer and Continuous Variables
Friday, Sep 054:00 pm 302 HRBB
Gabriel Foust
Parasol Lab, CS, TAMU
Specializing Planners for Hierarchical Multi-way Dataflow Constraint Systems
Mani Zandifar
Dept of CSE, TAMU
The STAPL Skeleton Framework
Friday, Sep 124:00 pm 302 HRBB
Troy McMahon
Parasol Lab, CS, TAMU
Sampling Based Motion Planning With Reachable Volumes: Application to Manipulators and Closed Chains
Cindy (Hsin-Yi) Yeh
Parasol Lab, CS, TAMU
Improving Decoy Databases for Protein Folding Algorithms
Joseph Lee
Dept of CSE, TAMU
Planar Building Facade Segmentation and Mapping Using Appearance and Geometric Constraints
Thursday, Oct 093:45 pm 302 HRBB
Bernadette Charron-Bost
Centre national de la recherche scientifique
Natural Algorithms and Influence Systems
Friday, Oct 104:00 pm 124 HRBB
Edward Talmage
Parasol Lab, CS, TAMU
Improving Average Performance by Relaxing Distributed Data Structures
Thursday, Oct 234:00 pm 302 HRBB
Ergun Akleman
VizLab, TAMU
Topologically Robust Shape Modeling with Graphs Embedded on 3-Manifolds
Friday, Nov 144:00 pm 302 HRBB
Shihua Zheng
Dept of CSE, TAMU
A Weaker Hybrid Consistency Condition for Shared Memory Objects
Tuesday, Dec 094:00 pm 302 HRBB
Junjie Shen
Parasol Lab, CS, TAMU
Multimap and Multiset Data Structures in STAPL

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