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Parasol Seminar Schedule

The Parasol Seminar is held (nearly) every week during the spring and fall semesters, and periodically at other times.
During Spring 2014 (unless otherwise noted), meetings are every Friday at 4:00 pm in 302 HRBB.

If you would like to present a seminar, please send an email to Harshvardhan ( ananvay@cse.tamu.edu).

Spring 2014
Day Time Venue Speaker Title
Friday, Jan 174:00 pm 124 HRBB
Mootaz Elnozahy
MCSE Division, KAUST
Physicalization vs. Virtualization
Thursday, Apr 033:00 pm 302 HRBB
Chris Jones
How Robots are Changing the Consumer Space and People's Lives
Friday, Apr 184:00 pm 302 HRBB
Rhema Linder
Dept of CSE, TAMU
Everyday Ideation: All of My Ideas Are On Pinterest
Paul Taele
Dept of CSE, TAMU
Intelligent Sketching Interfaces for Richer Mid-Air Drawing Interactions
Bill Hamilton
Dept of CSE, TAMU
Streaming on Twitch: Fostering Participatory Communities of Play within Live Mixed Media
Apr 25
  No Seminar
Friday, May 024:00 pm 302 HRBB
Ralph Crosby
Dept of CSE, TAMU
Measures of Tree Difference and Similarity, computing the Quartet Distance on Sets of Heterogeneous Trees
Fall 2013
Day Time Venue Speaker Title
Thursday, Sep 124:00 pm 302 HRBB
Sam Jacobs
Parasol Lab, CS, TAMU
A Scalable Framework for Parallelizing Sampling-Based Motion Planning Algorithms
Friday, Sep 204:00 pm 302 HRBB
Parasol Lab, CS, TAMU
KLA: A New Algorithmic Paradigm for Parallel Graph Computations
Friday, Oct 184:00 pm 302 HRBB
Jory Denny
Parasol Lab, CS, TAMU
Adapting RRT Growth for Heterogeneous Environments
Jory Denny
Parasol Lab, CS, TAMU
Multi-Robot Caravanning
Sam Rodriguez
Parasol Lab, CS, TAMU
Improving Aggregate Behavior in Parking Lots with Appropriate Local Maneuvers
Sam Rodriguez
Parasol Lab, CS, TAMU
Optimizing Aspects of Pedestrian Traffic in Building Designs
Friday, Oct 254:00 pm 302 HRBB
Sam Jacobs
Parasol Lab, CS, TAMU
Blind RRT: A Probabilistically Complete Distributed RRT
Jung-Hwan Kim
Dept of CSE, TAMU
Improving the performance of self-organized robotic clustering: modeling and planning sequential changes to the division of labor
Chinwe Ekenna
Parasol Lab, CS, TAMU
Adaptive Neighbor Connection for PRMs: A Natural Fit for Heterogeneous Environments and Parallelism
Huihua Zhao
Dept of ME, TAMU
Learning Impedance Controller Parameters for Lower-Limb Prostheses
Ben Fine
Dept of CSE, TAMU
Eliciting Collective Behaviors through Automatically Generated Environments
Friday, Nov 224:00 pm 302 HRBB
Grant Brammer
Dept of CSE, TAMU
Algorithms for Querying and Analyzing Sets of Phylogenetic Trees.
Friday, Dec 064:00 pm 302 HRBB
Ulrike Thomas
Robotics and Mechatronic Institute, German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Autonomous Systems for Manufacturing and Service Robotics

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