WAFR 2004 Preliminary Program

11-13 July, 2004



9:00- 9:10: Welcome
9:10-10:10: Plenary 1: Bruce Donald (Dartmouth College): Algorithmic Challenges in Structural Molecular Biology and Proteomics
10:10-10:40: Coffee Break
10:40-12:20: Session of 4 papers
Gap Navigation Trees: A Minimal Representation for Visibility-based Tasks
Benjamin Tovar, Luis Guilamo, Steven LaValle (University of Illinois)
A Machine Learning Approach for Feature-Sensitive Motion Planning
Marco Morales, Lydia Tapia, Roger Pearce, Sam Rodriguez, Nancy Amato (Texas A&M University)
Adaptive RRTs for Validating Hybrid Robotic Control Systems
Joel Esposito (United States Naval Academy), Jongwoo Kim, Vijay Kumar (University of Pennsylvania)
Sampling-Based Motion Planning under Kinematic Loop-Closure Constraints
Juan Cortés, Thierry Siméon (LAAS - CNRS)
12:20- 2:00: Lunch
2:00- 3:15: Session of 3 papers
Multi-Point Contact Models for Dynamic Self-Righting of a Hexapod
Uluc Saranli, Alfred Rizzi (Carnegie Mellon University), Daniel E. Koditschek (The University of Michigan)
Computing Deform Closure Grasps
K. Gopal Gopalakrishnan, Ken Goldberg (UC Berkeley)
Coordinating Multiple Droplets in Planar Array Digital Microfluidics Systems
Eric Griffith, Srinivas Akella (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
3:15- 3:55: Tea Break
3:55- 5:10: Session of 3 papers
Modeling Macromolecular Machines Using Rigid-Cluster Networks
Moon Kim, Gregory Chirikjian (The Johns Hopkins University)
Probik: Protein Backbone Motion by Inverse Kinematics
Kimberley Noonan, David O'Brien, Jack Snoeyink (UNC Chapel Hill)
Computing Protein Structures from Electron Density Maps: The Missing Loop Problem
Itay Lotan (Stanford University), Henry van den Bedem, Ashley Deacon (Joint Center for Structural Genomics / Stanford Linear Accelerator Center), Jean-Claude Latombe (Stanford University)


9:00-10:00: Plenary 2: Pieter Jonker (Delft University of Technology): Algorithmic Foundation of the Clockwork Orange Robot Soccer Team
10:00-10:40: Coffee Break
10:40-12:20: Session of 4 papers
Stealth Tracking of an Unpredictable Target among Obstacles
Tirthankar Bandyopadhyay, Yuanping Li, Marcelo Ang, David Hsu (National University of Singapore)
Pareto Optimal Coordination on Roadmaps
Robert Ghrist, Jason O'Kane, Steven LaValle (University of Illinois)
Automatic Generation of Camera Motion to Track a Moving Guide
Onno Goemans, Mark Overmars (Utrecht University)
Multi-Step Motion Planning for Free-Climbing Robots
Tim Bretl, Sanjay Lall, Jean-Claude Latombe, Stephen Rock (Stanford University)
12:20- 2:00: Lunch
2:00- 3:15: Session of 3 papers
Composing Navigation Functions on Cartesian Products of Manifolds with Boundary
Noah Cowan (Johns Hopkins University)
Competitive Complexity of Mobile Robot On Line Motion Planing Problems
Yoav Gabriely, Elon Rimon (Technion-Israel Institute of Technology)
Randomized Algorithms for Minimum Distance Localization
Malvika Rao, Gregory Dudek, Sue Whitesides (McGill University)
3:15- 3:55: Tea Break
3:55- 5:10: Session of 3 papers
Collision free motion planning on graphs
Michael Farber (University of Durham)
Incremental Grid Sampling Strategies in Robotics
Stephen Lindemann, Anna Yershova, Steven LaValle (University of Illinois)
Fast Tree-Based Exploration of State Space for Robots with Dynamics
Andrew Ladd, Lydia Kavraki (Rice University)


9:00-10:00: Plenary 3: Ken Goldberg (University of California at Berkeley): Networked Robots: Ten Years of Experiments
10:00-10:40: Coffee Break
10:40-12:20: Session of 4 papers
Online searching with an autonomous robot
Sandor P. Fekete (Braunschweig University of Technology), Rolf Klein (University of Bonn), Andreas Nüchter (Fraunhofer Institute for Autonomous Intelligent Systems)
Locating and Capturing an Evader in a Polygonal Environment
Volkan Isler, Sampath Kannan, Sanjeev Khanna (University of Pennsylvania)
Topological Mapping with Sensing-Limited Robots
Wes Huang, Kris Beevers (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Uniform Coverage of Simple Surfaces Embedded in R3 for Auto-Body Painting
Prasad N. Atkar, David C. Conner, Aaron Greenfield, Howie Choset, Alfred A. Rizzi (Carnegie Mellon University)
12:20- 2:00: Lunch
2:00- 3:15: Session of 3 papers
A Simple Algorithm for Complete Motion Planning of Translating Polyhedral Robots
Gokul Varadhan (UNC Chapel Hill), Shankar Krishnan (AT&T Research Labs), Sriram T.V.N, Dinesh Manocha (UNC Chapel Hill)
Semi-Differential Invariants for Recognition of Algebraic Curves
Yan-Bin Jia, Rinat Ibrayev (Iowa State University)
Toward Complete Path Planning for Planar 3R Manipulators Among Point Obstacles
G. F. Liu, J. C. Trinkle (RPI), R.James Milgram (Stanford University)
3:15: Closing