Guidelines for paper submissions to WAFR 2004

The proceedings of WAFR 2004 will most likely be published by Springer-Verlag. As a result papers must follow the Springer-Verlag format guidelines. They must be submitted as pdf files.

Springer's web site has information for preparing your chapter using plain TeX, LaTeX2e, and LaTeX 2.09. You can find these instructions at the following sites:

Of the three options, LaTex2e seems to be by far the easiest option.

Here you can see a very short example chapter in postscript format.

Papers can have a maximum of 16 pages in the indicated Springer format. Longer papers run the risk of being rejected without further consideration. Shorter papers are of course welcome as well.

Submissions must be full papers; no extended abstracts.

How to submit your paper

To submit your paper, go to the WAFR 2004 paper submission website and follow the instructions there. The deadline for submission is February 22, 2004.