The 13th International Workshop on the Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics
Universidad Politécnica de Yucatán
Mérida, México, December 9-11, 2018

Accepted Papers

Neil Dantam Practical Exponential Coordinates using Implicit Dual Quaternions

Taosha Fan, Jarvis Schultz and Todd Murphey Efficient Computation of Higher-Order Variational Integrators in Robotic Simulation and Trajectory Optimization

Alexander Broad, Todd Murphey and Brenna Argall Operation and Imitation under Safety-Aware Shared Control

Chris Bowen and Ron Alterovitz Probability-weighted Temporal Registration for Improving Robot Motion Planning and Control Learned from Demonstrations

Yue Wang, Swarat Chaudhuri and Lydia Kavraki Online Partial Conditional Plan Synthesis for POMDPs with Safe-Reachability Objectives

Rupesh Chinta, Shuai D. Han and Jingjin Yu Coordinating the Motion of Labeled Discs with Optimality Guarantees under Extreme Density

Hao-Tien Chiang, Aleksandra Faust and Lydia Tapia Fast Swept Volume Estimation with Deep Learning

Maria Bauza and Alberto Rodriguez GP-SUM. Gaussian Process Filtering of non-Gaussian Beliefs

Zherong Pan and Dinesh Manocha Time Integrating Articulated Body Dynamics Using Position-Based Collocation Method

Israela Solomon and Dan Halperin Motion Planning for Multiple Unit-Ball Robots in $\mathbb{R}^d$

Christoforos Mavrogiannis and Ross Knepper Multi-Agent Trajectory Prediction and Generation with Topological Invariants Enforced by Hamiltonian Dynamics

Olalekan Ogunmolu Deep BOO: Automating Beam Orientation Optimization in Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy. Part I: Methodologies

Weifu Wang and Devin Balkcom Time-optimal motion of spatial Dubins systems

Sándor P. Fekete, Robert Gmyr, Sabrina Hugo, Phillip Keldenich, Christian Scheffer and Arne Schmidt CADbots: Using Finite Automata to Manipulate Programmable Matter

Anastasiia Varava, J. Frederico Carvalho, Florian T. Pokorny and Danica Kragic Free Space of Rigid Objects: Caging, Path Non-Existence, and Narrow Passage Detection

Israel Becerra, Heikel Yervilla-Herrera and Rafael Murrieta-Cid An Experimental Analysis on the Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for the RRT* Applied to Dynamical Systems

Yulun Tian, Kasra Khosoussi and Jonathan How Resource-Aware Algorithms for Distributed Loop Closure Detection with Provable Performance Guarantees

Michael Otte and Donald Sofge Path Planning for Information Gathering with Lethal Hazards and No Communication

Yulin Zhang, Dylan Shell and Jason O'Kane Finding plans subject to stipulations on what information they divulge

Wisdom Agboh and Mehmet Dogar Pushing Fast and Slow: Task-Adaptive Planning for Non-prehensile Manipulation Under Uncertainty

Mathew Halm and Michael Posa A Quasi-static Model and Simulation Approach for Pushing, Grasping, and Jamming

Ajay Kumar Tanwani, Jonathan Lee, Brijen Thananjeyan, Michael Laskey, Sanjay Krishnan, Roy Fox, Ken Goldberg and Sylvain Calinon Generalizing Robot Imitation Learning with Invariant Hidden Semi-Markov Models

Jonathan Lee, Michael Laskey, Ajay Kumar Tanwani and Ken Goldberg A Dynamic Regret Analysis and Adaptive Regularization Algorithm for On-Policy Robot Imitation Learning

Mukulika Ghosh, Shawna Thomas and Nancy M. Amato Fast Collision Detection for Motion Planning using Shape Primitive Skeletons

Gustavo Goretkin, Leslie Kaelbling and Tomás Lozano-Pérez Look before you sweep: Visibility-Aware Motion Planning

Brian Plancher and Scott Kuindersma A Perfomance Analysis of Parallel Differential Dynamic Programming on a GPU

Vasileios Vasilopoulos and Daniel E. Koditschek Reactive Navigation in Partially Known Non-Convex Environments

Patrick Varin and Scott Kuindersma A Constrained Kalman Filter for Rigid Body Systems with Frictional Contact

Jonathan Decastro, Lucas Liebenwein, Cristian-Ioan Vasile, Russ Tedrake, Sertac Karaman and Daniela Rus Counterexample-Guided Safety Contracts for Autonomous Driving

Erdem Bıyık, Daniel Lazar, Ramtin Pedarsani and Dorsa Sadigh Altruistic Autonomy: Beating Congestion on Shared Roads

James Harrison, Apoorva Sharma and Marco Pavone Meta-Learning Priors for Efficient Online Bayesian Regression

Mo Chen, Qizhan Tam, Scott Livingston and Marco Pavone Signal Temporal Logic meets Hamilton-Jacobi Reachability: Connections and Applications

Sumeet Singh, Mo Chen, Sylvia Herbert, Claire Tomlin and Marco Pavone Robust Tracking with Model Mismatch for Fast and Safe Planning: an SOS Optimization Approach

Sumeet Singh, Vikas Sindhwani, Jean-Jacques Slotine and Marco Pavone Learning Stabilizable Dynamical Systems via Control Contraction Metrics

Glen Chou, Dmitry Berenson and Necmiye Ozay Learning Constraints from Demonstrations

Ching-An Cheng, Mustafa Mukadam, Jan Issac, Stan Birchfield, Dieter Fox, Byron Boots and Nathan Ratliff RMP-flow: A Computational Graph for Automatic Motion Policy Generation

Behnam Maleki, Alen Alempijevic and Teresa Vidal Calleja Continuous Optimization Framework for Depth Sensor Viewpoint Selection

Min Chen, David Hsu and Wee Sun Lee Guided Exploration of Intentions for Human-Robot Interaction

Fatemeh Zahra Saberifar, Jason M. O'Kane and Dylan A. Shell The hardness of minimizing design cost subject to planning problems

Rahul Shome, Kiril Solovey, Jingjin Yu, Dan Halperin and Kostas Bekris Fast, High-Quality Dual-Arm Rearrangement in Synchronous, Monotone Tabletop Setups

Alexandra Nilles, Yingying Ren, Israel Becerra and Steven LaValle A Visibility-Based Approach to Computing Nondeterministic Bouncing Strategies

Jeffrey Ichnowski and Ron Alterovitz Concurrent Nearest-Neighbor Searching for Parallel Sampling-based Motion Planning in SO(3), SE(3), and Euclidean Topologies

Luke Shimanuki and Brian Axelrod Hardness of Safe Motion Planning in Three Dimensions

Liyang Liu, Shoudong Huang and Liang Zhao Parallax Bundle Adjustment on Manifold with Convexified Initialization

Nicola Basilico and Stefano Carpin Balancing Unpredictability and Coverage in Adversarial Patrolling Settings

Sipu Ruan, Qianli Ma, Karen Poblete, Yan Yan and Gregory Chirikjian Path Planning for Ellipsoidal Robots via Generalized Closed-form Minkowski Operations

Ana Pervan and Todd Murphey Low Complexity Control Policy Synthesis for Cyber-Free Robot Design

Yinan Zhang and Devin Balkcom Interlocking block assembly

Ian Abraham, Ahalya Prabhakar and Todd Murphey Active Area Coverage from Equilibrium

Varun Suryan and Pratap Tokekar Learning a Spatial Field with Gaussian Process Regression in Minimum Time

Kris Hauser Semi-Infinite Programming for Trajectory Optimization with Nonconvex Obstacles

Jiayin Xie and Nilanjan Chakraborty Dynamic Models of Planar Sliding

Haruki Nishimura and Mac Schwager SACBP: Belief Space Planning for Continuous-Time Dynamical Systems via Stochastic Sequential Action Control

Lifeng Zhou and Pratap Tokekar An Approximation Algorithm for Risk-averse Submodular Optimization