CPSC 311-501/CPSC 311-502
Assignment Coverpage
Spring 2003


Please list below all sources (people, books, webpages, etc) consulted regarding this assignment (use the back if necessary):

CPSC 311 Students Other People Printed Material Web Material (give url) Other Sources
1. 1. 1. 1. 1.
2. 2. 2. 2. 2.
3. 3. 3. 3. 3.
4. 4. 4. 4. 4.
5. 5. 5. 5. 5.

Recall that University Regulations, Section 42, define scholastic dishonesty to include acquiring answers from any unauthorized source, working with another person when not specifically permitted, observing the work of other students during any exam, providing answers when not specifically authorized to do so, informing any person of the contents of an exam prior to the exam, and failing to credit sources used. Disciplinary actions range from grade penalty to expulsion.

I certify that I have listed above all the sources that I consulted regarding this assignment, and that I have not received or given any assistance that is contrary to the letter or the spirit of the collaboration guidelines for this assignment.

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