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Picture Vincent Musser
Summer Intern
Algorithms & Applications Group

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    About Me

I just finished 9th grade, but I am ready for a challenge. I do not quite know what I want to do when I grow up, but neurosurgery sounds fun...

I started learning about motion planning this summer (summer of 2018), and, so far, it has been pretty fun. Here's a link to my website and here's a link to my CV.
(poster can be seen in my website -> projects)

Update (Early July): Not quite as fun as some of my other summers, as I'm stuck going to work while my friends have fun... Anyway, still a good experience and I'll be the only one in my "friend group" to know C++.

Update (Early August and Last Day): As said before, I may not have had as much fun as other summers, but I am very grateful to have done this. Many people have helped me along the way, and I have worked very hard. This was exemplified in the poster meeting - just about everyone I talked to remarked on how young I am and that I am very smart. I am thankful for being offered this opportunity and this experience will not be forgotten.

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