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Picture Jennifer Lundelius Welch
Regents Professor, Chevron Professor II
Distributed Computing Group

Parasol Laboratory url: http://parasol.tamu.edu/~welch/
Department of Computer Science and Engineering email:
Texas A&M University office: 425G HRBB
College Station, TX 77843-3112 tel: (979) 845-5076
USA fax: (979) 458-0718

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I am interested in distributed computing systems, especially loosely-coupled, heterogeneous and failure-prone ones. My research approach encompasses formal models, algorithm design and analysis, and lower bounds and impossibility proofs. I am interested in problems that arise in a wide variety of contexts, whose common thread is the difficulties that arise from concurrency and uncertainty, especially that due to asynchrony and/or failures. The problems I have studied generally arise in providing infrastructure services (or "middleware") that can be used by end-user distributed applications, as opposed to the applications themselves. In more theoretical language, I have focused on ways to simulate more powerful (or better-behaved) systems on top of less powerful (or more poorly-behaved) systems. My papers can be divided (a little arbitrarily) into the following categories: Recently I have been applying some of these ideas and approaches in new situations: List of papers available here.

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My CV: in PDF.

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