CSCE 181: Introduction to Computing
Spring 2010
Short Report 0: Practice with Summarizing

Due: 2:20 PM, Tuesday, Jan. 26

This is a practice assignment, which will be commented on and "graded", but the grade will not count.

To do:

Formatting your paper: What to turn in: How your paper will be "graded": Each of the following will be assessed on a scale from 1 ("weak") to 5 ("strong"), with 3 being "average".
  1. Main idea is clear and accurate.
  2. Summary is concise; extraneous details and examples are not included.
  3. Summary is well-organized.
  4. Summary only includes information in the original and without your bias.
  5. Summary is in your own words.
  6. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are correct.
  7. Bibliographic information is included.
(Adapted from UWC's Summarizing webpage.)