CSCE 181: Introduction to Computing
Spring 2010
Short Report 2: Summarizing and Critiquing a Journal Article

Due: 2:20 PM, Tuesday, Feb 16 and 2:20 PM, Thursday, Feb 18.

To do:

Formatting your paper: What to turn in: How your paper will be graded: Each of the following will be assessed on a scale from 1 ("weak") to 5 ("strong"), with 3 being "average".
  1. Effort displayed on first draft (0 if not turned in)
  2. Quality of summary
  3. Quality of critique
  4. Organization at the paragraph level
  5. Sentence structure
  6. Tone / choice of words
  7. Economy / lack of padding
  8. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  9. Bibliographic information